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Hidden Gems

Our hidden Gems event is all about sharing the love. Bring a single friend of the opposite gender - you know, that friend that’s a great catch but feels more like a brother or sister than a romantic potential.

We’ll take over the wing-woman role for the night so you can meet other hidden gems. You’ll both leave meeting someone new. ;)

Hidden Gems is not invite only, sign up below.

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Scavenger Hunts

For people who actually like to do fun stuff on the weekends!

Tell us your type, and we’ll set you up on an epic triple date with compatible singles.

You’ll complete in challenges & dares for the championship!

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Pop Up Speed Dating

Curious about speed dating but not ready to dive in to an entire experience?

We host mini speed dating pop-ups at bars throughout the area, where you can sign up right at the door.

We’re also hosting a LOVE IS BLIND speed dating event in June!

Get on the list to be kept up to date with information.

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Dare Night

Get ready for an exhilarating evening of excitement and mischief for singles and their friends.

Indulge in a night of truth or dare like never before, where every drink comes with a daring challenge guaranteed to spice up your usual night out with friends. With each new round, you'll be faced with unexpected dares that will push your boundaries and keep you laughing all night long.

Who knows what the night will bring?

Come find out at Dare Night. This event is not invite only.

Dare Me

INVITation based

Speed Dating

Our curated dating events are on an application-based model.

Tell us your type, and we’ll only invite you to events where they’ll be there.

Events with curated matches are invite only. Apply below.